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Competitive Intelligence

We have it all covered under one hood – Gravitas will help you with all your requirements towards understanding your competitors and realigning your global brand positioning. The foremost challenges which is experienced by any business is deciphering the multifaceted competitive puzzle. Our services will help you identify the best market players and determine their multiple growth and development strategies. Any business establishment will need to strengthen by identifying their superior brand differentiators, and our solutions will go above and beyond in order to provide you insights regarding your competitors which can change how you strategize. Our research experts aim on examining through copious information which will get you real competitive intelligence.

Our competitive intelligence portfolio encompasses the following:

Price Benchmarking

In the global market, it is very crucial to distinguish the product pricing structure, particularly when brands aim on a competition based pricing strategy.

Product benchmarking

Our experienced research analysts assist establishments target their products against the competition by categorizing industry preeminent practices and analysing development areas.

Competitor Outlining

Every business must have competition as it keeps them on their toes and to make sure that you preserve an edge over your competitors – it is crucial to examine their development strategies and overall business.

Market Share Analysis

It is extremely vital to conduct a methodical market share analysis to estimate the efficiency of brand propagation in the worldwide market.

Brand Share Analysis

For establishments to attain superior brand equity, it is vital to analyse brand health amid the performance of the competitors.